About Baby MPS

The Baby Mailing Preference Service is here to help reduce the number of baby-related mailings you receive. 

Why we recommend Baby MPS

Many parents to be are eager to sign up to mailings from relevant companies at this time in their lives but in the sad circumstances of the death of a baby, these mailings can cause unintended hurt and distress. Furthermore, tackling the task of removing yourself or a loved one from such mailing lists can seem a daunting and overwhelming one. 

That's why the Mailing Preference Service provides Baby MPS - a free service that is both sympathetic and effective. It is actively supported by the Royal Mail and all directly involved trade associations and fully supported by The Information Commissioners Office.

The Baby MPS will prevent the receipt of unsolicited direct mailings sent from member companies of the Data & Marketing Association and will take steps to prevent the receipt of unsolicited direct mailings from companies which are non-DMA members.